Akasa Maze Pro Raspberry Pi Case Review: Unique Design, Passive Cooling

Good overall cooling and simple looks are the selling points of this case. It protects our Pi 4 from overheating but the awkward GPIO access will put many off.

Akasa are no strangers to unusual Raspberry Pi cases. Their previous case, the all aluminum Gem Pro, featured a unique “gem” pattern and provided impressive passive cooling for $32. Akasa’s latest case, the $33 Maze Pro is a smaller. less “in your face” case with an unusual maze pattern designed to quickly remove heat from the Raspberry Pi 4. 

The Raspberry Pi 4 has been with us for some time now, and it is well documented that it runs hotter than previous models. Whether your goal is to replace your desktop with a Raspberry Pi 4, consume media or power your Chia farm then a silent case can make all the difference for your performance. Can the Akasa Maze Pro keep our Raspberry Pi 4 cool enough to earn a place among the best Raspberry Pi cases? 

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