American Horror Story: How Many Ghosts Were In Hotel Cortez?

Over the 10-season, 116-episode (and counting) course of “American Horror Story,” the Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk-produced series has given fans a dizzying menagerie of trapped spirits and unruly, undead characters to love, hate, root for, and fear. If there’s one season of the show that piles its bodiless body count about as high as it can possibly go though, it’s Season 5, titled “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

Much like the Murder House from Season 1 and Camp Redwood from Season 9 (“American Horror Story: 1984”), The Hotel Cortez is a “Hellmouth.” Among other things, this means that anyone who dies (or, more likely, gets murdered) on the grounds of the hotel finds their spirit trapped forever within its maze of walls. This rule — which is applied to mortals, witches, and vampires alike throughout the season — filled the primary setting of “American Horror Story: Hotel” with a seemingly endless stream of central and supporting characters. Some of those characters served merely as expositional collateral damage, while others interacted directly with the main narrative of the hotel and its living guests.

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