Americans Live on the Internet But Don't Know Much About It

The internet was once infamously described as “a series of tubes,” and while that’s sort of true, people get a nearly infinite number of things wrong about it.

Curious to know what some of those things are, asked 1,000 Americans a few questions. And while 74% said they know how the internet works, only 20% got it right. Just one example: More than half (60%) thought having more Wi-Fi bars meant faster speeds (it means more signal strength).

Understanding is also a little dicey when it comes to 5G, which, after the past year and a half, should come as no surprise. Twenty-two percent of those surveyed believe that 5G can transmit COVID-19, kill birds, harm plant life, cause cancer, and on and on. Another 30% go even further down the 5G conspiracy theory road.

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