AOC C32G2ZE 240 Hz Monitor Review: Excellent Contrast, Low Resolution

The AOC C32G2ZE is an excellent monitor in every way except pixel density. With great contrast, color and gaming performance, it delivers responsive play. But its low pixel density means that it’s too easy to make out the pixel structure unless you sit far away.

There are many elements of a monitor’s performance that impact your gaming experience. Speed and responsiveness are certainly at the top of the list but image quality, both static and moving, is just as important. Many gamers differentiate displays by resolution, and that’s where we must consider the balance between the PC’s graphics processing power and the number of pixels it must move about the screen.

We’ve reviewed plenty of 1080p (1920×1080) monitors in 25 and 27-inch sizes and found them solid performers. Some run at 240 and even 360 Hz, allowing for very high frame rates. Obviously, this makes motion resolution much better. But when pixel density enters the discussion, how big is too big?

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