Apple Watch 7 — this might be our first ‘real-life’ look

After keeping us waiting for some time, the Apple Watch 7 may be about to be released. And we’ve just got what could be the first real-life glimpse of the wearable.

These images come from a now-deleted Facebook page for Apple Watch fans and were apparently taken by an individual claiming to be testing the new Watch for a mobile carrier; fortunately MacRumors made a copy before the original images disappeared. Apple’s already revealed how the new Apple Watch looks, but being able to see photos of the real thing for the first time is an exciting moment, particularly with the release date tipped to be later this month.

Looking first at the watch’s display, we can see the Apple Watch 7’s two major changes. First off, the new larger, rounded shape of the screen is quite visible, with icons and menu elements gently sloping off the sides. This is quite a bit different than the flat-sided watch that Apple was rumored to be making, but it still looks good. The 20% size increase over the Apple Watch 6’s display is hard to see here, but supposedly the two watches are the same size, just that the Watch 7 fits more pixels into its frame thanks to skinnier bezels.

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