Army of the Dead Hid a Major Prequel Easter Egg in Plain Sight

Army of the Dead included an Easter egg for the Army of Thieves prequel before audiences could have even recognized what character it referenced.

Army of the Dead had an Army of Thieves Easter egg long before audiences would have even know what it meant. While Zack Snyder wrapped principal photography on Army of the Dead nearly a year before Army of Thieves was announced, plans were clearly in the works because there was already an obvious Easter egg to one of Army of Thieves’ main characters, long before anyone watching knew anything about Dieter’s backstory.

Zack Snyder’s is building an Army of the Dead shared universe on Netflix, all starting with his first Vegas zombie heist movie. Ludwig Dieter actor, Matthias Schweighöfer, is directing the Army of Thieves prequel about his character, the Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas anime prequel series is coming soon, and Army of the Dead 2 has also been announced. With zombies, aliens, mythical safes, and time loop teases, it’s not clear where the franchise is going yet, especially with the drastically different tones of the first two movies, but it’s clear there’s at least a loose plan for where the series could go next.

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