AstraZeneca Asks FDA to Approve COVID Antibody Drug for Those With Weakened Immune Systems

The drugmaker AstraZeneca, one of the first to develop a coronavirus vaccine, is requesting that the FDA approve an preventative antibody COVID-19 treatment for emergency use.

Approval would mean that the drug will be prioritized for people with compromised immune systems who don’t get enough protection from the virus through vaccines. The Anglo-Swedish company said Tuesday that the treatment, AZD&442, would be the first long-acting antibody combination to get emergency authorization for preventative purposes.

“Vulnerable populations such as the immunocompromised often aren’t able to mount a protective response following vaccination and continue to be at risk of developing COVID-19,” Mene Pangalos, AstraZeneca’s executive vice president for pharmaceutical research, said in a statement. “With this first global regulatory filing, we are one step closer to providing an additional option to help protect against COVID-19 alongside vaccines.”

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