Australia’s Election: Climate Fears Help End Conservatives’ Nine-Year Run

Australia’s high-stakes election Saturday saw voters ending nine years of conservative rule in favor of an opposition Labor Party that promised to take stronger action on climate change.

Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese is poised to take over the nation’s government after early election results showed him defeating Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s conservative coalition. Albanese has received at least 72 of the 76 votes needed to form a government, and can fill out the rest with help from independent and minor-party victors, according to the Australian Electoral Commission.

The Labor Party victory, which ran on a platform of “renewal not revolution,” indicates a significant rebuke from Australian’s who are seeking to focus more on climate issues, among other things. The party vowed to nearly double Australia’s 2030 target for cuts to carbon emissions, and promised to protect the nation’s Great Barrier Reef, endangered species, and bushfire recovery.

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