Best iPhone 12 deals for October 2021

Cheap iPhone 12 deals can be found everywhere right now. Retailers from AT&T to Verizon are offering some of the best iPhone 12 deals of the year. Plus, now that the iPhone 13 is available in stores, iPhone 12 deals are practically free right now.

Currently, the best iPhone 12 deals can be found at Verizon. The carrier is offering up to $1,200 off all iPhone 12 models when you switch to Verizon and trade-in your old phone. Verizon will even pay for your broken phone. Not to be outdone, AT&T is taking $700 off all iPhone 12 models with an eligible trade-in. Unlike Verizon, AT&T’s iPhone 12 deals are valid whether you’re a new or current AT&T customer. 

Wireless carriers remain your best option for cheap iPhone 12 deals — particularly if you’re ready to switch networks. Even the iPhone 12 deals at retailers like Best Buy or Walmart typically require that you activate your phone with a carrier instead of buying it unlocked. That said, if you want the least-expensive iPhone 12 deal and plan possible, Mint Mobile has the iPhone 12 mini with unlimited 5G data for $60/month. The $60 plan includes the price of the iPhone and unlimited data. By comparison, other carriers charge as much as $60/month just for data alone. 

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