Black Adam is About to Change the Entire Future of the DC Universe

Black Adam may have once been a villain, but following the events of Future State the ruler of Kahndaq is poised to save the universe.

Warning Spoilers for Shazam #3 ahead!

DC’s Future State is shaping up to be a bleak dystopic future for the DC multiverse. Between Gotham City being under the thumb of a private army, a war between Atlantis and the surface world, and a corrupted Shazam, it appears that the worst versions of the timeline are coming to fruition. However, while the course of DC’s future appears to be set in stone, Black Adam may be about to alter the timeline in a drastic way.

In Shazam #3 by Tim Sheridan and Clayton Henry, Shazam and fellow Teen Titan Academy student Dane have continued their quest through Hell in order to reach the Rock of Eternity and get to the bottom of what’s messing with Shazam’s powers. As they traverse the various tiers of Hell, the duo are eventually bailed out of a sticky situation by Teen Titans powerhouse Raven. As Raven safely extracts an incapacitated Dane, Shazam opts to stay back, glad to have regained most of his powers and eager to fully figure out what was behind the interruption in the first place. As he enters the rock, rather than being greeted by the all-too-familiar Wizard, he is instead greeted by Black Adam… from the future!

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