Captain America Proves He's Way, Way Smarter Than Iron Man

Iron Man may be one of the Avenger’s foremost minds but his teammate Captain America surprisingly has him beat in the brains department.

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men The Trial of Magneto #2!

During a visit to recover their fallen teammate the Scarlet Witch, the Avengers‘ foremost leader Captain America has a chance to put his tactical knowledge and prowess on full display, when his co-leader Iron Man nearly initiates a full-scale war between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the mutant group the X-Men.

Marvel Comics’ X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 from writer Leah Williams (X-Factor) and artist Lucas Werneck (Marauders) continues on with a bang, as the Avengers and the X-Men come head to head with the story arc’s titular omega-level mutant, Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto. Before the Avengers can recover the body of their presumably deceased team member Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch from the mutant island Krakoa, both the Avengers and their affable hosts the X-Men are intercepted by a Magneto filled with bloodlust. Instructed by powerful telepath Hope Summers to prevent either group from uncovering Wanda, Magneto does not hesitate in opposing the heroes by any means necessary.

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