Captain America's Mars Costume is an Epic Redesign (With A Secret Flaw)

The costume Captain America wears while on Mars is an epic redesign of his original suit – but as a Secret Avenger, he should never have worn it.

Marvel’s Captain America has many different superhero costumes, but one of his latest has a baffling design choice that completely undermines his mission. Steve Rogers’ costume is one of the more enduring in comics, rarely changing drastically (compared to the likes of Iron Man, who has over 60 individual armors, each one built for a specific purpose). But the Star-Spangled Man’s suit worn while on a Mars mission has an awful design flaw that makes one wonder if the superhero forgot his latest team: the Secret Avengers.

Captain America debuted in 1941 in Captain America Comics #1 by n0w-legendary comic book writers Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The hero debuted with a suit that has barely changed in the modern era. The suit echoes the American flag, with a primarily-blue bodysuit, a massive white star on his chest, and red and white vertical stripes on the torso. A cap with a white “A” and wings on the sides completed the look (though the wings would often be the first design element to go in modern incarnations of the costume, as seen in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger in the MCU).

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