Cooler Master SK622 Keyboard Review: Improved Ergonomics and a Short Shift

Cooler Master’s SK622 60% mechanical Bluetooth keyboard feels much better than its predecessor, thanks to sculpted keycaps and flip-up feet. It’s a solid, attractive travel-friendly portable clacker, but for most people there are better options that cost less.

What makes for the best wireless keyboard depends a lot on what you do with it and how often you travel. But Cooler Master makes a solid effort with the Cooler Master SK622, a slim and solid-feeling 60% mechanical clacker that makes major strides over its predecessor, the SK621, thanks to more traditional sculpted keycaps and flip-up feet that lift up the back end for a more traditional mechanical feel.

If you’re after a very compact, travel-friendly mechanical that can work both over Bluetooth and USB, it’s a solid option. But if you have just a bit more room in your bag and don’t want to deal with the SK622’s oddly placed delete key and its small right shift, Keychron’s K3 75% keyboard is worth considering as well. That’s especially true given the K3 sells for $84 with RGB lighting, while the SK622 sells for between $99 and $117, depending on the switch type and where you buy it. 

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