Creative SXFI Air Gamer Gaming Headset Review: Jack of All Sounds

The Creative SXFI Air Gamer delivers great sound, effective positional gaming audio and is extremely comfortable. It has a wide range of connectivity options, and you can communicate over Bluetooth while simultaneously listening to gaming audio over USB. Mediocre external sound isolation is the only disappointment.

It’s hard to think of a job that Creative’s SXFI Air Gamer can’t handle. This gaming headset covers just about every input combination imaginable, and can even play music without any connection at all, thanks to a MicroSD slot. Plug the SXFI Air Gamer into your PC’s USB port, enable the Super X-Fi Battle Mode and enjoy the advantage of precise positional sound while gaming. Disconnect it, connect via Bluetooth 5.0 to your phone and use it for music or mobile gaming. Or connect the USB and Bluetooth simultaneously and chat via phone while gaming on your PC.

That’s not to say the SXFI Air Gamer excels in absolutely every area. There’s no wireless dongle, so PC gaming requires a wired connection for the lowest audio latency. The 11-hour Bluetooth battery life is hours shorter than some competing headsets. And while the headset certainly doesn’t look cheap, it lacks the classy, high-end feel of some of the best gaming headsets, like the similarly flexible but more expensive Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT. Plus, audio isolation could be better.

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