'Critical Role' Announces Campaign 3 Start Date With Special Theatrical Premiere for First Episode

Is it Thursday yet?

Fans of the most famous Dungeons and Dragons-dedicated media companies Critical Role will rejoice to know that the third campaign of the beloved web series has an official premiere date set for next month. Campaign 3 of Critical Role will launch Thursday, October 21 at 7 PM PST, with a live theatrical simulcast of the premiere episode in select theaters nationwide.

After the comedy of errors (and occasional tragedies) that were the adventures and misadventures of The Mighty Nein, which began in a tavern in a small town on the continent of Wildemount, Campaign 3 will follow a brand-new group of characters who are brought together, this time on the continent of Marquet. The story will follow sometime after the events of Exandria Unlimited, the 8-episode long campaign which aired after the end of Campaign 2 and was chronologically set after The Mighty Nein.

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