Dallas cop fired for killing kitten thought he was doing the ‘right’ thing: affidavit

A Dallas police officer who was fired after killing a kitten by snapping the animal’s neck said he thought what he did was right and had permission from its owner to put the distressed animal down, an affidavit shows.

Officer Jesse Coates, a trainee hired by the department in January 2020, was fired and later charged after the Aug. 21 domestic disturbance in the city’s Pleasant Grove section, where he and other cops responded and found a 1-month-old cat lying on a sidewalk outside a home, the Dallas Morning News reported Monday.

Cops have not released bodycam footage of the killing, but the clip shows an officer pointing a flashlight at the kitten as a resident at the home said it was suffering and that her dog had also got out, an affidavit shows.

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