DC Confirms Bloody Mary One of Darkseid's Greatest Warriors

DC Comics just told a scary story featuring Darkseid and one his greatest Female Furies of all time – the vampire, Bloody Mary!

Warning! Spoilers for Are You Afraid of Darkseid #1 by DC Comics below

DC Comics latest spooky anthology just confirmed the existence of Bloody Mary as one of Darkseid’s greatest warriors. In Are You Afraid of the Darkseid #1, a story focuses on Harley Quinn’s hunt for the folklore legend. However, the hero quickly finds out Bloody Mary is actually from Apokolips and that a series of unfortunate events turned the New God into a vampire-like creature.

Bloody Mary is an urban legend who is summoned after her name is called into a mirror multiple times while holding a candle. In numerous stories, Bloody Mary kills whoever called her name. The legend has inspired multiple stories in pop culture, including Candyman, whose titular villain brutally murders anyone who chants his name into a mirror five times. In DC Comics lore, Bloody Mary is one of Apokolips’ Female Furies, who is an energy vampire who made a few appearances in the comics previously. Now, DC is has reintroduced Bloody Mary – only this time, she’s betrayed Darkseid.

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