Demon Slayer Embraces Universal Studios with First Wild Merchandise

Demon Slayer is getting ready to return with its second season, first by returning to the Mugen Train Arc and then diving into the new saga of the Entertainment District Arc, but it seems as though Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko has returned prior to season two thanks to Universal Studios Japan. With the amusement park opening up a new Demon Slayer ride earlier this year that uses virtual reality to place fans directly onto the runaway locomotive of the Mugen Train, it’s no surprise to see that unique merchandise was created for the anime franchise and its arrival at Universal Studios.

Nezuko is a unique character among the members of the Demon Slayer Corps, having found herself infected with demon blood and struggling to reclaim her humanity. While it’s clear that Nezuko doesn’t have the same intelligence she once did, she recognizes Tanjiro as her brother and was trained to see humans as beings to be protected, rather than to be eaten. With the finale of the first season seeing Nezuko gaining more power as she taps into her demonic influence, the question remains as to whether or not she’ll ever regain her humanity or if she will be trapped as a demonic figure for the remainder of her days. 

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