Diana: The Musical review: A chintzy jewel in Netflix’s royal content crown

Musicals based on real-life figures are all the rage (see: Cher, Tina Turner, etc.), but it's difficult to imagine a musical more simpering and thoughtlessly assembled than Diana: The Musical.

Filmed in September 2020 without an audience, the production makes the somewhat head-scratching choice of debuting on Netflix before it officially opens on Broadway on Nov. 17. It's clear Netflix snatched it up on the heels of its critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning Diana-focused season of The Crown, but don't expect it to receive any similar accolades.

It's unclear just who the target audience is for this: Hate watchers? People who collect plates bearing the faces of the royal family? I myself have a Meghan and Harry tea towel and woke up at 4 a.m. to watch William and Kate's wedding, so I should've been the prime demo here?

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