Disney Plus price, shows, and how to sign up

Disney Plus boasts a gigantic library of classic movies and hit Marvel TV shows, which have been the key to its success and popularity since it launched nearly two years ago. Over the summer, it debuted its first new Marvel movie, as Black Widow’s availability on Disney Plus (and it won’t be a Premier Plus exclusive for much longer) helped ensure that it’s one of the best streaming services. 

There’s more — much more — on the way in the form of Marvel series, Star Wars shows and reboots of beloved favorites. Whether you’re curious about Baby Yoda’s next adventures in The Mandalorian season 3 or the Ryan Coogler-helmed Wakanda TV show, Disney Plus has a full calendar ahead to keep you from canceling. 

The service includes streaming most of the Marvel movies in order, as we’re still waiting on the Spider-Man movies and that one Hulk movie. Plus, there’s also the ability to soar through Skywalker saga and see the Star Wars movies in order. 

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