Dolmen: How to Open the Electrostatic River Door

The Electrostatic River in Dolmen can be difficult to navigate and complete because there are various red orbs that will drain the player’s health.

The Electrostatic River can be accessed after defeating the Ancient Twin boss in Dolmen, but the way to open the door to the next section can be tricky or unclear. This area has a lot of environmental hazards in the form of large red orbs that will quickly drain the player’s health. There are also various enemies to defeat in order to reach the next area and challenge the third boss.

From the beacon in the Electrostatic River section, there will be two enemies to defeat just around the corner. They are both robot-like enemies with mechanical footsteps that alert players to how close they are. The best way to take them out is to lure the melee enemy that’s across the bridge into the small room that leads to the beacon. Ice weapons are the most effective, and the enemy can be defeated with either a gun or melee weapon depending on the player’s build and gear in Dolmen. When a purple orb forms around the enemy, players need to get away before it explodes or they will be temporarily stunned.

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