Emma Frost's Original Costume Returns in Villainous X-Men Cosplay

Emma Frost’s original Marvel Comics X-Men costume is brought to life from the page in a stunning recreation by popular cosplayer Zoe Volf.

One of Marvel’s most iconic X-Men heroes and villains, Emma Frost, has been brought to life in a stunning cosplay by Zoe Volf. Volf shared her take on the White Queen on her social media pages, as the cosplayer captured the sultry Marvel character with a series of striking photos that show her take on the powerful telepath.

Emma Frost is one of the most recognizable X-Men characters among a group of famous heroes and villains, as she originally appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #129. Introduced initially as a supervillain, Frost has incredible telepathic powers while also being able to turn her skin into a nearly unbreakable diamond layer. In the New X-Men, Frost turned became an ally of the X-Men – and has primarily stayed a hero, only occasionally leaning into her past villainy. Frost is also known for her beauty, even using her sexiness as a weapon from time to time. Frost made her live-action debut in X-Men: First Class, where Mad Men actress January Jones played her.

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