Epic Games Store Finally Getting an Achievement System

The Epic Games Store launcher is getting a highly requested feature after almost three years, and the update is dropping as soon as next week.

Epic Games has officially announced an achievement system that will come to its digital storefront very soon. Since the initial launch of the Epic Games Store in December 2018, the company has added more and more features to the platform in order to bring it closer to its competitors and address some of its users’ criticisms. One of the main requests from players has been to add some form of achievements to the Epic Games Store’s launcher.

It appears such critiques were taken into account by the company, seeing as Epic Games confirmed that its own achievement system will be launching next week. Simply called Epic Achievements, the system is reminiscent of Xbox achievements and PlayStation 5’s improved trophies. There will be four tiers of Epic Achievements, each based on XP value: Bronze for 5 to 45 XP, Silver for 50 to 95 XP, and Gold for 100 to 200 XP. The Platinum tier is worth 250 XP, and is only awarded after earning 1000 XP in a game.

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