Flash Proves He’s Way Better as a Mentor Than a Father

As the new Flash, Wally West is raising the next generation of speedster heroes, but he’s struggling to balance being a mentor with being a father.

Warning: contains spoilers for The Flash #774!

Wally West just proved that, as the Flash, he’s a fantastic mentor to the next generation of speedsters, but he’s still learning the ropes when it comes to being a father and keeping his kids out of trouble. Thankfully, his daughter Irey proves a quick study, even without the powers she inherited from her famously fast father, and doesn’t need his help to come up with a plan to save the day.

The action of The Flash #774 finds Wally and Irey slowing down for an evening, planning to attend their first father-daughter dance together. Unfortunately, their plans for the evening change when they discover most of the populace of Central City has fallen asleep, thanks to a new Flash villain who dubs himself Dr. Nightmare. Luckily, the gas he utilizes to put the city to sleep doesn’t fully affect speedsters like Wally and Irey. Their connection to the Speed Force keeps them awake, but they are stuck moving at normal speed.

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