GeIL Orion RGB AMD Edition DDR4-4400 C18 2x8GB Review: The Overpriced Aspirant

The Orion RGB AMD Edition DDR4-4400 C18 isn’t a bad memory kit, but its overly expensive price tag will turn away potential buyers.

The trend of slapping RGB lighting on every single piece of hardware started a couple of years ago. Memory makers, like countless others, couldn’t help but scratch that RGB itch. GeIL, for example, isn’t a stranger to high-performance memory with flashy lights, so it recently gave its characteristic Orion memory lineup the RGB makeover. The Orion RGB, which is available in both standard and AMD-optimized flavors, continues to offer memory frequencies up to DDR4-4400 and kit capacities up to a whopping 128GB, but now it comes with that sweet RGB bling. 

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