Google Pixel Fold release date, price, features and rumors

When the Google Pixel 6 arrives this month, could a Google Pixel Fold join it in the spotlight? Some rumor mongers certainly think so, seizing on signs that Google may be working on a foldable of its own.

Apart from the fact that foldable phones are a growing segment as phone makers try their hands at new designs, there’s not a lot of details out there about the Google Pixel Fold. Still, one source claims that the Pixel Fold will feature a huge 7.6-inch display, which would be the same size as that in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Otherwise, we’re left with questions: What features will a Pixel Fold offer? Will it show up at the October 19 Pixel event? And will the Google Pixel Fold interest smartphone shoppers, who’ve yet to really embrace the few foldables that are out there? 

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