Google's Push For Tablet-Optimized Android Apps Is Too Little, Too Late

Google wants to revive the Android tablet segment, but despite recent efforts at software refinements, its attempts are a tad too late.

At its packed I/O 2022 event, Google revealed some promising changes coming to Android tablets later this year, but its attempts might just be too little, too late. It is pretty obvious that Google is once again trying to inject some vigor into the Android tablet segment. One of the biggest challenges that Google faces right now is convincing people to take Android tablets seriously again. Google’s own attempts at making Android tablets haven’t been particularly successful. The Nexus tablets were off to a good start, but the software development for tablets remained stagnant, despite new hardware making its way to the market year after year.

But it’s not just about making tablets. Instead, it was the software that failed to deliver anything standout for larger screens. Android for tablets continued to be nothing more than a stretched version of the core experience that was predominantly created with smartphones in mind. Google is finally trying to change things around with the debut of Android 12L, the tablet-focused update that started rolling out a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is no tablet from Google’s OEM partners that currently runs this tablet-optimized version of Android. Not even Samsung, which has remained loyal to the Android tablet cause for a while now.

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