Great D&D Tricks That Aren't Technically Cheating

Dungeons & Dragons has a large number of rules to help guide gameplay, but many of these rules can be creatively bent to solve tricky problems.

Creativity and ingenuity are key aspects of playing Dungeons & Dragons. While it is important to read a character’s class carefully in order to correctly utilize their skills in battle or during narrative puzzles, there are numerous ways to creatively use a character’s abilities without actually breaking any rules. Trying tricks and creative interpretations can create unique situations, or resolve problems in unexpected ways, adding flavor and excitement to a D&D campaign.

All Dungeons & Dragons classes and races have rules and restrictions in place to help guide players and DMs, as well as keep players from accidentally breaking the game. Spell slots keep Wizards from using magic for every problem, and encounter initiative prevents Barbarians and Warriors from taking over a battle before other D&D classes can jump in for a hit. However, many spells can be used outside of combat with interesting effects, and a Warrior’s sword is a useful tool in more situations than just cleaving enemies apart during combat. Players also have access to a number of tools like lockpicking kits, disguise sets, and various potions with different effects.

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