How GTA 6's Setting Will Influence Its Radio Stations & Music

Music has always played an important role in the Grand Theft Auto games, and depending on GTA 6’s setting it has the potential to be better than ever.

Depending on Grand Theft Auto 6’s setting, the music and radio stations have the potential to be better than ever. Grand Theft Auto is a series of action-adventure video games developed by Rockstar Games, often set in fictional cities meant to represent major American cities. For instance, Liberty City is New York, whereas San Andreas in California.

The incredibly detailed open world game series offers players the change to take part in a series of fast-paced story missions or complete side missions at their own speed. The franchise’s action, coupled with strong story lines and raunchy humor, has made the Grand Theft Auto series one of the most popular video game properties in the entire world. Although there hasn’t been any official information released about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, it goes without saying that fans are sitting on the edge of their seats as they wait for more details about Rockstar’s next title.

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