How Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty Was Filmed in Just 11 Days

Jake Gyllenhaal’s new Netflix movie The Guilty incredibly took only 11 days to film, something the actor explains was done intentionally.

Jake Gyllenhaal and director Antoine Fuqua discuss how they were able to film The Guilty in just 11 days. The latest Netflix original to take the streamer by storm is The Guilty, a heart-pounding thriller that recently made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. It premiered on Netflix this past weekend, as well as in some select theaters. Based on the 2018 Danish movie of the same name, The Guilty stars Gyllenhaal as a 911 operator put in a precarious situation during an otherwise routine shift.

Joe Baylor (Gyllenhaal) is a demoted police officer relegated to working the 911 phones when he receives a call from a woman who has been abducted. He springs into action to try and find her, but with limited information and his position confined to a desk, it is far from an easy process. The Guilty was filmed last year amid the coronavirus pandemic and, like most productions that took place in 2020, had to adopt some unique methods on set. The production was notable because it took just 11 days to complete, an impressive number for a thriller.

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