How Many Characters Rory Kinnear Plays In Men

Alex Garland’s latest, Men, sees Rory Kinnear playing multiple characters, each with a different persona. Here is every character the actor portrays.

Warning: This post contains mild spoilers for Men.

How many characters Rory Kinnear plays in Men. Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Alex Garland, Men follows Harper Marlowe, who goes on a vacation to escape her life for a while following the death of her husband James. The plot itself seems straightforward enough, but this horror is eerie and unsettling — some of which can be attributed to Kinnear’s many performances in the film.

Men marks Garland’s third feature film as a director, in addition to all the films he previously wrote, including 28 Days Later, his debut as a screenwriter. The film has a relatively small cast, with each character playing a distinct role to progress the story and the terror and dread Harper feels throughout. Rory Kinnear may be the film’s MVP in that he portrays more than two characters at various points in the film, all of which advance Harper’s journey and lead to a horrific, gruesome ending.

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