How Much More Powerful Geralt Could Become In Witcher Season 2

Andrzej Sapkowski’s source material and the original videogames suggest Geralt becomes exponentially more powerful in Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2.

The question of how much more powerful Geralt could become looms large over The Witcher season 2, given the Netflix series’ faithfulness to its source materials. Andrzej Sapkowski’s original 8-book series The Witcher was adapted by CD Projekt Red into a videogame of the same name in 2007, marking the start of a vastly popular trilogy following the eponymous Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. The hotly anticipated The Witcher season 2, thanks to episode titles, is slated for a Christmas 2021 release, marking almost two years to the day since the first season premiered.

It is clear from the offset that Geralt is capable of impressive feats even by Witcher standards within The Continent, killing a vociferous Strzyga in season 1. Geralt is shown to possess enhanced strength and reflexes derived from his origins as a Witcher, which makes him a potent force alongside his incredible skill as a warrior. Geralt also frequently employs a magic spell, Aard, in The Witcher season 1, an invisible force that can throw enemies aside and break the ground around Geralt.

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