How Ryan Wilder Has Improved 'Batwoman' and the Arrowverse

Ryan Wilder’s introduction has changed Batwoman for the better, and given the Arrowverse a chance to reinvent itself and tell stories that matter.

Since her introduction to the Arrowverse, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) has opened The CW’s Batwoman to new opportunities, taking the show in a completely different direction. She’s a character that offers more to those around her than the leads of the majority of the other Arrowverse projects, which Batwoman never fails to prioritize. Despite her story being partially held back by Kate’s disappearance and the mystery surrounding that, which enveloped the characters and overtook a significant portion of Ryan’s inaugural season, Ryan Wilder has stood tall as the new Crimson Knight. And, she’s done things that Kate Kane (Ruby Rose and Wallis Day) never could and/or would if she were still calling the shots.

One particular aspect of Batwoman that has changed for the better with Ryan’s introduction is the character dynamics. Kate was really the thing holding the show together, but the writers managed to shift things and make supporting characters more dependent on each other as they gradually built relationships with Ryan. The relationship with Ryan and Alice (Rachel Skarsten), the series’ primary antagonist, was the biggest question mark for viewers when it was announced Ryan was taking over as the series’ protagonist. Given that Alice is Kate’s twin, it was unimaginable to think how this could possibly challenge the beautifully complicated relationship between the Kane sisters. Somehow, they managed, and it’s really changed the show.

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