How To Capture 360-Degree Photo Spheres With An iPhone

An iPhone can create immersive Photo Spheres just like Android by using Google’s Street View app, which combines 50 photos into a 360-degree view.

An iPhone can capture Photo Spheres even though this image type is generally thought of as an Android feature. These immersive, 360-degree images virtually transport the viewer to any location in the world in an augmented reality window provided by an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. While this feature is built into many smartphones, a free app is needed to create and view Photo Spheres when using an iPhone.

Apple and Google are both accelerating the pace of their AR development, making it seem as if virtual objects can be placed in the real world. This is often used for fun but there are very practical applications as well. The relative size and appearance of an item can be judged in AR before being purchased or carried into a room. Information overlays can reveal useful details about points of interest, identify products, and show ingredient lists. AR directions have been around for a few years and might soon be coming to the windshields of cars. Photo Spheres that react to the movement of a smartphone when viewed provide a bit of entertainment, while also being quite informative and useful to preview a location.

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