How To Turn A YouTube Video Into A GIF

Using a website called, users can convert any YouTube video into a GIF that they can share on social and messaging platforms. Here’s how.

While watching a YouTube video, users might want to convert it into a GIF. It could be a scene from their favorite superhero movie, a comedy show, or an animated series. Whatever the video contains, users can make it into a short, animated GIF that can be downloaded and sent to other users via messaging platforms. All the popular instant messaging apps support GIFs, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and even Instagram.

When people are connected via digital platforms, sending plain text messages might not be enough. Instead, users prefer sending GIFs to express their emotions or as a reply to add fun to messaging. While platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram come with a built-in GIF gallery, some users are eager to create their GIFs as it conveys the exact message or sentiment they want. After learning how to convert YouTube videos to GIFs, users will be able to create lots of GIFs.

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