How to watch the Black Widow movie online: Everything you need to know

If you’ve been waiting to watch the Black Widow movie without paying a lot, your patience is about to be rewarded. Unlike most MCU movies, audiences had multiple options for how to see it on the day of release. For anyone who wasn’t going to a theater right now, you’ve had the choice to either spend money on Disney Plus Premier Access or wait a while.

Black Widow arrives on regular Disney Plus this Wednesday (October 4), after the last year-plus gave it more release dates than most can remember. But finally we’re getting to learn more about Natasha Romanov, as Scarlett Johansson takes the character back home to take care of some personal matters. And see some family, too. Oh, and once you’ve seen it (because spoilers!) check out our Black Widow post-credits scene explainer if you’re trying to figure out what just happened.

Can you remember back to May 2020? That’s when we were first supposed to see Black Widow. We’ve waited a good 14 months since that original window, thanks to the shuttered movie theaters due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

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