Huh? Nintendo Switch OLED teardown tips 4K 60fps output

A 4K Nintendo Switch is the rumor that just won’t quit, with a new teardown suggesting that the Nintendo Switch OLED dock can support 4K output and 60 frames per second gaming. 

That’s according YouTuber Nintendo Prime, who after taking apart a Switch OLED dock he managed to get early access to, claimed that the console’s dock has an HDMI 2.0 controller, which is required for 4K output. That’s not hugely surprising, but the YouTuber also claims the cable that the Switch OLED ships with is 4K-ready. The original Switch came with an HDMI 1.4 port controller and non 4K-ready cable. 

Gaming at 4K and 60 fps was rumored for the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro, which was thought to be an upgraded version of the original Switch with new hardware in the dock that would allow for some form of 4K output, even if it meant up-mixing a 1080p signal.

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