Humble Bundle Announces $1 Million Fund For Black Game Developers

As Black Lives Matter protests continue in the United States, Humble Bundle announces a $1 million fund to support games made by Black developers.

With the United States continuing to host nationwide protests, Humble Bundle announced on Twitter that they were establishing a fund for games made by Black game developers. With protests in the United States now going on for several days, many businesses have taken to social media to show their solidarity with the protesters and their cause.

Recently in the U.S. there have been a string of protests and riots in response to the deaths of Black American’s at the hands of police officers, namely the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Since then, various companies within the video game industry such as Sony, have made posts showing their support, and a few have even gone a step further by donating to various organizations and funds dedicated to do doing what they can to help.

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