I can’t stop watching Squid Game — why it’s the most addictive show in years

Squid Game is the show I’ve been waiting for because it’s a show I can’t stop watching. Normally, I’ve got a pretty hard built-in resistance to bingeing shows. I often think “I should be doing something else,” and move on. Not so with Squid Game, as I only turned off the TV because it was getting late, and I really needed the sleep. I really wish I were watching it right now, but I can’t just slack off of work when a new show comes about. 

Some plot spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 will follow (but I’m trying to avoid spelling it all out, for your enjoyment if you haven’t watched Squid Game at all)The uber-popular Netflix series, which has only nine episodes, has already earned a reputation as one of the best Netflix shows in the mere two weeks that it’s been on the streaming service, during which time the hour-long Korean thriller/drama became the talk of the town. 

It starts off as a story in Seoul, South Korea about a down-on-his-luck guy named Seong Gi-hun. He’s up to his eyeballs in debt, lives with his mother and has a hard time financially supporting his daughter. Not exactly a new story, but that’s where a business man comes in.

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