Iron Fist's New Movie Is So Much Better Than The MCU

Netflix’s Iron Fist wasn’t the most loved of the Marvel Nextflix shows, but the short film Immortal 65 is a better portrayal of the Iron Fist legacy.

The new Iron Fist short film Immortal 65 is a fantastic live-action portrayal of K’un Lun’s Immortal Weapon. The Marvel-Netflix series Iron Fist got off to a clunky start with its first season in 2017, with Danny Rand (Finn Jones) ending up the least beloved of Marvel’s Netflix heroes ahead of the crossover miniseries The Defenders. Many particularly took issue with the shows sub-par action scenes for Marvel’s renowned kung fu master, and while things improved for Danny from The Defenders on, and Iron Fist season 2 was a drastic improvement, K’un Lun’s living weapon still had baggage by the end of the Marvel-Netflix era that he never got to fully move past when all of the shows ended.

Immortal 65 is completely devoid of any of the issues that plagued Iron Fist‘s first season, and is home to quite arguably the best live-action Iron Fist scene yet. Presented by Rogue Origin Films, which produces short fan films based on different geek properties like Cowboy Bebop, Fatal Fury, and Naruto, Immortal 65 is directed by Josh Mabie and features Christian Howard not as Danny Rand, but as his Iron Fist predecessor Orson Randall. Set in New York City in 1948, the eight-minute short sees Randall in a battle with the Hand and the Crane Sisters over possession of the Book of the Iron Fist.

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