Is Tesla's 2030 Goal To Sell 20 Million Cars Per Year Realistic?

Tesla aims to produce 20 million cars by 2030, up from the 0.94 million in 2021. With issues affecting the industry, can the company reach its goal?

Tesla aims to produce 20 million electric vehicles a year by 2030, but can this be done with supply chain issues? The EV company has several factories worldwide that make cars and/or batteries. The facilities are in California, Nevada and China. In addition, this year, Tesla opened two more Gigafatories, one in Austin, TX and another in Berlin, Germany.

EVs are not quite mainstream yet, but more people are switching to electric vehicles every year. With more warnings of Climate Change harming the planet, consumers want to be more environmentally conscious. Plus, with the gas prices rising, people are switching to save money. According to Statista, 66.7 million automobiles were sold in 2021, compared to 6.6 million electric. This was more than three million more EVs than were sold in 2020. So, it is no surprise that Tesla is trying to rev up production to meet the demand.

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