John Cena gets roasted by his new squad in Peacemaker sneak peek

Why is the new hope for humanity wearing his costume to a diner? And is that an eagle in the backseat of his car? Those are the questions that Peacemaker's team has for him in a new sneak peek teasing the upcoming series centered on John Cena's antihero.

In the scene released by HBO Max early Tuesday morning, we see the supervillain's new team assembling at a diner to meet him for the first time. That team includes Amanda Waller's two main ARGUS agents (Jennifer Holland's Harcourt and Steve Agee's Economos, reprising their roles from the Suicide Squad films), as well as two new characters: group mercenary leader Clemson Murn (Designated Survivor's Chukwudi Iwuji) and ARGUS recruit Leota Adebayo (Orange Is The New Black's Danielle Brooks.)

Unsurprisingly, the team has reservations about Peacemaker. And unsurprisingly, it's hard for him to be taken seriously when he's wearing a metal helmet and cape just to eat pancakes. Waller's team wastes no time roasting their newest member for everything from the name of his pet eagle to his “cosplay” but of course, Peacemaker just chalks it up to everyone being jealous that he has a pet eagle. What a guy.

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