John Wesley Shipp talks bringing the Flash to DC’s Stargirl and teases ‘heartbreaking moment’

Since playing the titular superhero in the 1990 series The Flash, John Wesley Shipp has found himself wearing the iconic red supersuit more times than he ever imagined.

Twenty-five years after wrapping the live-action show, he joined the CW's The Flash as Henry Allen, father to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) before eventually playing Jay Garrick as well as reprising his original role, “Flash '90.” Now he's about to debut yet another version of the Flash on DC's Stargirl in this week's big flashback episode, but he says this Jay Garrick feels like the best he's played yet.

“This classic version of Jay Garrick is rooted in principle, even if it means some people are going to get hurt in the short term, he is going to stick by the principles of why the Justice Society was created to begin with,” Shipp tells EW. “And I think he's profoundly disappointed when those ideals and ethics are not adhered to. When I read the script… [there's] a heartbreaking moment that made me go, 'Wow, what a rich episode.'”

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