Kirby And The Forgotten Land Could Be Its Franchise's Super Mario 64

Kirby And The Forgotten Land is the first full-length 3D platformer in the Kirby franchise, and could be its Super Mario 64 equivalent.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the series’ first full 3D platformer game and could do for Kirby what Super Mario 64 did for the Mario franchise. Though Kirby’s pixelated adventures have maintained their charm throughout the years, Nintendo has recently moved many of its franchises to 3D environments. Not only does this encourage its series to evolve, but it may also expand to audiences previously disinterested in the games.

Super Mario 64 proved a 3D platformer game could translate to open environments. Many critics consider Super Mario 64 one of Nintendo’s greatest successes, which likely led to other 3D titles like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Odyssey. Kirby and the Forgotten Land‘s setting could be the first step toward Kirby fans experiencing more vivid 3D environments for exploration.

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