Let’s unpack the gruesome ending of Alex Garland’s Men

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Men.

Men, the new horror film from director Alex Garland, starts off quietly enough — there's a long stretch in the first half where almost no dialogue is spoken. Slowly, though, it builds to a steady level of dread. Various weird images accumulate, from pagan symbols like the Green Man to the many faces of Rory Kinnear, until everything comes to a head in a nonstop, phantasmagoric final sequence that's part body horror, part art experiment, and all WTF.

What does it mean? Of course, that's ultimately up to us, the viewers, to interpret. As Garland himself told EW last month, “the film is about giving 50 percent of something, which could be touchstones, and the viewer is providing another 50 percent.”

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