Looks like Steam is getting a QR code login option

A recent update to Steam’s code includes signs of an upcoming new login method: Scanning a QR code with the Steam mobile app. That’s according to a tweet by SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik. 

The feature isn’t live yet, but seems likely to release alongside the Steam Deck later this year to make logging in on the handheld more convenient. The Deck’s touchscreen should mean typing in passwords won’t be too onerous, but logging in by scanning a QR code sure sounds better to me.

The code Djundik highlighted shows two login options: one with account name and one with QR code. Login lines like “Awaiting your confirmation via the Steam Mobile app” indicate how the system will work. Djundik shared another screenshot from the in-development Steam build with a QR code box positioned alongside the typical Steam sign-in fields.

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