Marvel Explains How Five Heroes Were Chosen To Save Its Universe

Five Marvel heroes were just selected to save the universe from one of the greatest dark threats ever. Here’s how they were picked.

Warning! Spoilers for Darkhold: Alpha #1 by Marvel Comics below

The elder god Chthon has just been reawakened and it’s up to five heroes from across the Marvel Universe to stop him. But, how did Scarlet Witch choose five heroes to take on one of the most powerful evil deities ever? There’s a very particular reason she summoned the likes of Blade, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man, and it has to do with the Darkhold.

In the new Darkhold: Alpha #1 crossover event, Scarlet Witch feels a surprise connection to Chthon, the elder god who originally wrote the Darkhold. After having nightmares about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes dying at the hands of the Demon of the Darkhold’s forces, Wanda Maximoff discovers someone is after his lost book of evil spells. Doctor Doom and Victorious have located the book with the former using Doombots to read it for him so that he wouldn’t succumb to madness. Unfortunately, Doom foolishly goes on a quest inside the Other-Realm to stop Chthon, leading Scarlet Witch to assemble her own team of heroes to stop the elder god before he destroys the entire Marvel Universe.

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