Marvel’s What If? Season Finale Will Bring Resolution

Marvel’s What If…? is coming to the end of season 1, and a lot of fans have one big question still looming: Is there going to be a point to all this? What If…? has spent its run taking fans into alternate dimensions of the Marvel Multiverse, for standalone stories about how the lives of heroes and villains – or key moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – can be radically altered by even minor differences in choice or circumstance. However, there’s been little to no evidence that these stories will converge, at least not until the most recent episode of the show. 

In What If…? Episode 8, we got the dark story of “What If… Ultron Won?”. That alternate timeline saw Ultron win the battle of Avengers: Age of Ultron by successfully merging with The Vision and unlocking the power of the Mind Stone to conquer Earth. When Thanos came to Earth to collect the Mind Stone, Ultron murdered him in an instant and seized the power of the Infinity Stones for himself. With the Infinity Stones, Ultron conquered the entire galaxy, and eventually set sights on the multiverse by breaching the realm of The Watcher and doing battle with the cosmic being. What If…? Episode 8 ended with The Watcher having recruit an unlikely ally: Doctor Strange Supreme, the sole survivor of a dark, doomed reality (from Episode 4). 

Well, if Marvel fans are still wondering, What If…? director Bryan Andrews makes it clear to EW that the Episode 9 finale will see The Watcher finally bring the various episodic stories we’ve seen together: 

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