Music Industry Moves: Ingrooves Offers Dolby Atmos Delivery to DSPs; Blaike Ford Joins Range Media Partners

Leading digital distributor Ingrooves will begin delivering music created in Dolby Atmos to DSPs, the company has announced. “We have worked closely with Apple, Amazon Music and TIDAL to develop an easy-to-use system that enables us to deliver Dolby Atmos tracks on behalf of hundreds of Ingrooves-distributed independent labels and artists,” said head of product Elliot Swan. “Labels can now deliver their tracks in Dolby Atmos to DSPs right from the Ingrooves client portal. The new audio experience gives music fans a new level of depth and texture to their listening experience.”

The artist Yungeen Ace is the first to release a single via Dolby Atmos with “Giving Up/Hardaway” on Friday. Appropriately issued through Cinematic Music Group, the label’s head of digital sales and revenue Tish Taylor-Searcy remarked: “Here at Cinematic our mission is for our roster’s fans to see a motion picture through music. Being that Dolby Atmos gives the listener an experience that puts them inside the song, the Cinematic Team is ecstatic to know Ingrooves can power the delivery of this new high-fidelity format for all of Yungeen Ace’s fans.”

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