New ‘Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier’ Trailer Shows Off Classes and Chocobos

The new mobile game is scheduled for release in 2021.

During Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show presentation, the company released a new trailer for their upcoming game Final Fantasy VII: the First Soldier, which gives a look at some of the jobs you will be able to pick for your character in the upcoming game. The trailer starts by mapping out the setup for The First Soldier, explaining that 30 years before Final Fantasy VII, the Shinra company began 'project 0,' which was meant to create the most elite fighting force. 12 years later, the first SOLDIERs finally emerged from the experiments, and these will be who the player plays as.

The trailer also shows us that players will be able to ride chocobos and motorcycles while traveling, and will be able to see many known locations from Final Fantasy VII, such as Aerith's church and some of the various sectors of Midgar. The trailer also showcases the jobs available in the game. The first is Warrior, who uses a sword as their weapon and fight in close quarters. Next is the Sorcerer, who we can see casting a Fire spell from a distance, and even casting a spell after attacking physically. The Monk can fight enemies with just their fists, and can give what appears to be a supportive aura for allies. Rangers can fight up close with daggers, or use a sniper rifle and mark their foes to keep their distance. Finally, we are shown Ninjas, who fight with large shurikens for both melee and ranged combat, and can teleport themselves across a small distance.

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